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Frequently Asked Questions


Do I need to complete an application to register for Summer Session courses?

Registration for summer courses does not require an application. However, visiting undergraduate students must submit the Enrollment Request Form via the Visiting Student Program.

Student classifications eligible for enrollment through A&S Summer Session are:

  • Current WashU students pursuing education across multiple levels including undergraduate, post-baccalaureate pre-medical, and graduate studies.
  • Students visiting from another college or university in the United States.
  • Visiting international students who hold a valid F-1 or J-1 US Visa sponsored by another college or university in the United States.

Additional Summer Education Opportunities:

Summer courses offered by the School of Continuing and Professional Studies (CAPS) provide an excellent opportunity for adult and professional students to further their education. Discover new horizons and expand your knowledge through the enriching offerings provided by CAPS.

Middle and high school students can engage in enriching programming provided by Arts & Sciences Pre-College Programs.

How do I register for Summer Session courses?

Browsing course options will be available on February 1. Registration opens on March 27, 2024.

Current students at WashU who have a WUSTL Key can easily register by accessing the WebSTAC portal.

Visiting students must first complete the Enrollment Request Form. Once that form has been approved and full payment received, visiting students will be manually enrolled in their desired courses.


Graduate students from divisions other than Arts & Sciences should contact the registrar in their respective Dean's Office for registration assistance.

What is the last day to register for a Summer Session course?

Registration deadlines differ depending on the session. When summer registration becomes available, enrollments are handled on a first-come, first-served basis.


The review process for visiting student Enrollment Request Form submissions begins on March 27, 2024. To ensure enrollment in the desired session, visiting students are required to submit their requests at least two weeks before the session's start date.

Summer 2024

Session I
May 20 - Jun 7

Session II
Jun 10 - Jul 12

Session III
Jun 10 - Aug 2

Session IV
Jul 15 - Aug 15

Last day to Add/Drop (w/ a "D") and receive 100% refund

May 22

June 12

June 17

July 17

Last day to Drop ("W" on transcript) and receive a 50% refund (no refunds given after this date)

May 24

June 14

June 24

July 19

Last day to Change Grade Option or Withdraw from courses

May 31

July 5

July 19

August 9

Session V (special session) dates and deadlines are available in the PDF linked below.

View the registration and Refund schedule as a PDF

How many credits can I take during the Summer Session?

To ensure a manageable workload for students during the intensive summer term, adhering to the maximum units (credits) for each session is important.

Maximum Credits per Session:

Session I: Maximum of 4 units
Session II: Maximum of 6 units
Session III: Maximum of 6 units
Session IV: Maximum of 6 units


When students are enrolled in overlapping sessions, they should not exceed a total of 6 units at any given time. Additionally, throughout the summer, students must limit their course load to a maximum of 12 units.

How do I drop a Summer Session course?

Current WashU students who have a WUSTL Key can easily drop courses by accessing the WebSTAC portal.

  • To access the registration portal, navigate to the WebSTAC website.
  • Next, select "Schedule" from the menu bar.
  • Locate the relevant course and click on "Drop".
  • Finally, confirm your request by selecting "Drop Course."

Visiting students must complete Course Change Request Form. Please view the Registration and Refund Schedule for deadlines for adding, dropping, and requesting refunds for eaach session.

View the registration and Refund schedule as a PDF

If a student encounters any difficulties dropping their course, please do not hesitate to reach out by sending an email to We are here to assist you and ensure a smooth process.


Dropping courses before the 100% refund deadline will not appear on the student record/transcript. However, courses dropped after the 100% refund deadline will be marked as a withdrawal (“W”) on the student record/transcript.

Informing the instructor of your intention to drop, failing to attend class, or notifying the department by fax, phone or email does not constitute an official withdrawal. Such actions may lead to a failing grade and no refund of tuition or fees.

To request policy exceptions, please submit an A&S Exception Petition. This should be done as soon as possible and no later than the specified deadline listed in the Registration and Refund Schedule.

We strive to accommodate our students' needs and understand that exceptions may be necessary in certain situations. However, it is important to adhere to deadlines and official procedures to ensure a fair and streamlined process for all students. Please do not hesitate to contact us for assistance ( if you have any questions or concerns. We are here to help make your Summer Session experience as successful as possible.

What are the grade options for Summer Session courses?

During the Summer Session, students are typically presented with a choice between two grading options:

  • Letter Grade (yields GPA)
  • Pass/Fail (no GPA)


Students cannot modify their chosen grade option once a certain date is reached in each session.

During Summer Sessions I-V, students are permitted to enroll in one (1) course using the credit/no credit (pass/fail) option.

The College of Arts & Sciences' policies regarding Credit/Non-Credit courses also extend to the Summer Session.

To ensure compliance with grading options, students are advised to consult with their academic advisor for any additional restrictions that may apply to their specific school or major.

Can I join a waitlist for the course I'm interested in if it is full?

Some classes offer the option to join a waitlist when registration capacity is reached. If a spot opens up, students on the waitlist will be automatically enrolled in the order they joined. Attending class sessions is encouraged for waitlisted students to stay on top of course materials in case a spot becomes available. Summer Session tuition will not be charged for courses if students are not added. Waitlist enrollments follow the same add/drop policies as outlined above. If a student decides not to take the waitlisted class, they should drop it before the add/drop deadliine to avoid accidental enrollment.

How will I know if my Summer Session course is canceled?

Please note that courses may be canceled due to low enrollment. In such cases, students will be promptly informed. Any cancellations or modifications to courses will also be communicated through WebSTAC. If a course is canceled, students can enroll in another course that is available or request a refund for tuition and fees.

Tuition & Financial Aid

What are the tuition rates and fees for Summer Session courses?

Current students at WashU who have a WUSTL Key can find tuition and fees for courses by accessing the WebSTAC portal. Visiting students can access this information at

For detailed information on tuition rates and associated fees for Summer Session courses, please refer to the information provided below:

Arts & Sciences (“L”)* Course Tuition

  • Undergraduate: $1,220/unit ($3,660/3-unit course)
  • Graduate: $1470/unit ($4,410/3-unit course)


  • Lab/Materials Fees: $15 - $350
  • Late Payment: 5% of the outstanding balance (minimum $50)

*All Arts & Sciences course numbers begin with the prefix "L". These tuition rates and fees only apply to "L" courses.

As a current WashU student, how do I apply my financial aid award toward Summer Session courses?

Washington University students who have matriculated and been accepted into a degree program have the opportunity to apply for financial assistance for summer school. Typically, this assistance is provided in the form of student loans. To be eligible for loan assistance, students must meet the following requirements:

  • Current undergraduate students must be enrolled in and complete a minimum of 6 units of course work during summer term with a C (2.0) minimum grade point average.
  • Current graduate students must be enrolled in and complete a minimum of 3 units of course work during the summer term with a B (3.0) minimum grade point average. 

To be considered for aid, students must complete a Summer School Financial Assistance Application. This application is accessible on the Washington University Financial Aid website. It is imperative that the application is submitted and processed before the conclusion of the specific session in which you plan to take summer courses.

To remain eligible for federal Title IV financial aid, students must adhere to federal regulations regarding satisfactory academic progress (SAP). At Washington University in St. Louis, SAP evaluation occurs at the end of the spring term on the Danforth Campus. If you fail to maintain satisfactory progress, your school’s Dean’s office will notify you. In such cases, you will be ineligible for aid for future terms, including a summer term, unless you submit an appeal and receive approval from your school's Dean's office. For more information about SAP requirementss and the appeal process, please contact Financial Aid.

If you have any additional inquiries, we recommend scheduling an appointment with your financial advisor or reaching out to Dan Dick, the Manager of Compliance & Awarding.

What are the payment options for Summer Session courses?

Current WashU Undergraduate Students

The charges for Summer Session courses will be reflected on an electronic billing statement, accessible by logging in to WebSTAC. Typically, the outstanding balance is due around the 20th of the following month unless alternative arrangements have been made. Failure to settle bills will impose a financial hold on the student's account.

WashU Post-Baccalaureate Premedical Program (PBPM) Students

For more information on payment options for PBPM students, please refer to the PBPM WebSTAC Course Registration and Billing Guide.

Domestic & International Visiting Students

To secure a seat in a Summer Session course, registrations for visiting students must be paid in full. Visiting students have the option to pay by debit/credit card or provide an approved alternate method of payment, such as a financial aid consortium agreement or military benefit. Please note that check or cash payments cannot be accepted.

If I am owed a refund, how quickly will I receive it?

Refunds are processed weekly on Thursdays throughout the summer, and the funds are reimbursed to the payment method on file. Typically, it takes 7-10 business days for the credits to appear in your financial institution account. For more specific questions regarding refunds, please reach out to

Can visiting students apply for financial aid?

Unfortunately, visiting students are not eligible to apply for financial aid at Washington University in St. Louis. However, you can explore alternative options through your home institution. We suggest reaching out to your home institution's financial aid office to inquire about a Consortium Agreement, which would enable you to utilize funds from your financial aid award for Summer Session courses at WashU. 

Can I use my WashU employee benefit toward summer courses?

Washington University offers tuition assistance to support the ongoing education of its faculty, staff, and their families. To learn more about this benefit, please visit the WashU Employee Tuition Assistance website.

Summer 2024 Online Course Pilot

Which courses are available to take online through the A&S Summer Online Pilot?

For this initial pilot, we are excited to offer 5 robust courses taught by dynamic A&S faculty members that will run in either Session 2 (5-weeks) or Session 3 (8-weeks):


Session 2 (June 10 – July 12)

Session 3 (June 10 – August 2)

L32 Poli Sci 101B 21 American Politics taught by Andrew Reeves (SSC)

L48 Anthro 190B 31 Introduction to Archaeology taught by Rose Hores (LCD, SSC)

L33 Psych 3401 21 Biological Psychology taught by Brian Bergstrom  (NSM)

L38 Span 353 31 Medical Spanish taught by Heidi Chambers (LCD)


L13 Writing 312 31 Argumentation taught by Victoria Thomas (WI, HUM)

How much does it cost to take a Summer Online Pilot course?

Our online course offerings in Arts & Sciences provide the same quality and rigor of instruction as our in-person courses; therefore, the same tuition rate will apply to both in-person and online A&S summer courses which for SU24 is $1220/unit ($3660 for a 3-unit course).

I am not an Arts & Sciences student. Can I still enroll in an A&S Summer Online Pilot course?

Due to capacity limitations, priority will be given to currently matriculated A&S students. We will, however, open enrollment to pre-college students, visiting students, and students from other divisions, as space allows.

Can I enroll in more than one Summer Online Pilot course at a time?

To ensure a manageable workload for students during the intensive summer term, students are advised to limit their enrollment to only one Summer Online Pilot course at a time. Official policies regarding maximum credit loads during A&S Summer Session can be found here.

Will A&S Summer Online Pilot courses count toward major, distribution, and/or graduation requirements?

All courses that have been approved to be taught online through the A&S Summer Online Pilot may be counted toward major, distribution, and/or graduation requirements in the College of Arts & Sciences. Visiting students and students from other divisions within Washington University are advised to consult with an advisor from their home school/division to discuss courses and transfer credit procedures prior to registration.

What if I want to take an online course that’s not part of the A&S Summer Online Pilot?

Arts & Sciences does not grant credit to A&S undergraduate students for completing courses in which the chief modality is online (remote) instruction, whether the course is offered by a school at Washington University or offered by another institution. This applies both throughout the regular academic year and also during the summer. An exception to this policy will only be made for A&S undergraduate students who enroll in an approved online course offered through the A&S Summer Online Pilot.

Will Summer Online Pilot courses be synchronous or asynchronous?

While we anticipate Summer Online Pilot courses will be largely asynchronous, the amount of synchronous/asynchronous class time will vary per course. Please refer to the syllabus and/or course description for additional details.

Do you have additional questions?

Contact us to see how Summer Session courses can fit into your plan for academic success.

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