About the Arts & Sciences Summer Session

Unlock a world of exploration, innovation, and academic richness with our Arts & Sciences Summer Session. Promising an intimate and rigorous learning experience, our summer session caters to students eager to fulfill degree requirements, satiate their intellectual curiosity, or venture into new academic territories.

Choice and Flexibility with Summer Courses

Recognizing the diverse needs of students, we have condensed our semester-long courses into intensive 3, 5, and 8-week sessions. Be it wrapping up major and minor requirements, staying on track with your degree program, or delving into something new, our summer session fits into your educational journey.

More Than 100 Course Options Across Four Sessions

Our summer session offers more than 100 course options spread across four sessions. This expansive curriculum provides a unique platform for robust engagement with instructors, classmates, and the wider St. Louis community.

Stay on Track with Summer Classes

Need to catch up or take an extra class? Our summer session is a great solution. In navigating a double major, pursuing a minor, or keeping up with your academic plan, you can rely on our summer courses to help fulfill core degree requirements.

Focused Learning Environment

Experience intimate and rigorous coursework, free from the pressure of other academic and social demands, during our summer session.

Pursue Your Passion with Summer Courses

Explore what interests you the most. Our myriad course offerings provide the optimal platform for personal fulfillment and intellectual growth during the summer.

These summer courses in St. Louis are designed to provide a rich and flexible academic experience for students looking to optimize their summer study opportunities.

Course Browsing Opens in February 2024

Mark your calendars! Course browsing for our Arts & Sciences Summer Session courses will open in February 2024. This will provide ample time for students to plan their academic schedules and make thoughtful choices about the courses they wish to enroll in. We encourage students to take advantage of this opportunity to explore our expansive curriculum and find courses that spark their intellectual curiosity and align with their academic goals.

Check back soon for more information about Summer Session 2024.

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