About Summer Session

The Arts & Sciences Summer Session provides students the opportunity to explore, innovate, and immerse in rich academic experiences. Your coursework will challenge you to push beyond the boundaries of traditional learning.

Choice and flexibility matter - which is why our summer courses are a perfect fit. We can help you accelerate your degree program, wrap up major and minor requirements, satisfy your intellectual curiosity, or simply dive into something new.

Offering more than 100 course options available across four sessions, we structure the curriculum to allow you maximum engagement with your instructor, with other classmates, and with the broader St. Louis community.

Accelerate your major

Get ahead as you work toward graduation. We condense semester-long courses into 3, 5, and 8 week sessions. You can complete up to 12 credits in one summer.

Stay on track

Need to take an extra class or make up coursework? Whether you have a double major, are pursuing a minor, or just need a little extra time, you can use summer to help complete core degree requirements.

Focus on what matters

Summer allows you to focus intimately on rigorous coursework without the pressure from other academic or social demands.

Pursue your passion

Dive into what interests you most. We have a myriad of courses that provide optimal personal fulfillment.

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